Treadathlon Reminders


For the live webcast please head to:—24-hours-at-crossfit-zone-for-ms

Hey Gang,

Remember, NO CLASSES in the morning – only the WODs taking place each hour will be offered!  These classes are not fully coached so choose a WOD that has movements you are familiar with!

Keep in mind also that this is a day to support Rob and Donald. The excitement and enthusiasm that has been shown by our members to participate in WODs is excellent.  Just be sure to keep in mind these two guys are going to be in a huge mental showdown with the treadmills and our environment should reflect THEIR needs, not the needs of the people participating in the WODs.  They have put the time in to prepare for this day and we need to do everything possible to help them achieve their goals and put ours aside if need be. With this in mind, a few notes:

  • At times there may be no music, at other times there might be.  Be prepared to WOD in both circumstances.
  • Rob and Donald always will have priority for the washroom and food stations.  Please be mindful that they will be a bit unsteady coming off the treadmill and be prepared to stop your workout to allow them to travel safely through the gym
  • Please keep the area directly in front of the treadmills clear
  • In some WODs, there may not be enough room to run everybody – multiple heats are probable
  • Help out Krista as needed as she will be quite busy keeping our two heroes running

That’s about it.  It’s going to be an epic 24 hours and I think we’re all going to enjoy the experience!!  Sleep well tonight gang, you’ll need the rest 🙂


PS.  Scroll down the blog page to see the schedule of WODs.  There’s a signup sheet posted in the gym so you can always show up early and put your name down for a later workout.


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