Now THAT’S Community!

Relief sets in with only 1 second left to go in the 24hr Treadathlon!
Relief sets in with only 1 second left to go in the 24hr Treadathlon!

They did it, folks!  At 10:00 a.m. Sunday morning, Rob and Donald officially completed their heroic 24hr Treadathlon for MS.  It was a long, difficult slog, and the boys showed once again how dedicated and passionate they are about their love of running, and the causes dear to their hearts.

A big thank you to all of you Zoners, as well as friends and family of Donald and Rob, who came down and spent so much of your time supporting the fellas over the long 24hr period!  Not only did you all take time out of your days, late nights, and mornings to show your love and respect to our favourite ultra-marathoners, but many of you also felt inspired to jump in and get moving to help the boys raise some money for MS! defines the word “Community” as:

com·mu·ni·ty [kuh-myoo-ni-tee]
-noun, plural -ties.

1. a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.

2. a locality inhabited by such a group.

3. a social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists.

Quite frankly, those definitions STINK.  And I think that here at The Zone, we have defined community in a whole new way!  Our definition of “Community” includes:

1. A group of like-minded people who share common attitudes and interests, and work together to reach common goals.

2. People who have strong relationships with each other and take a close, friendly, and concerned interest in each other’s activities, challenges and problems.

3. A close-knit bunch in which everyone knows each other well and gives each other support if and when they need it.

One other thing I know for sure?  We’re all glowing with pride at what Donald and Rob accomplished this weekend.  And we’re also proud of all of you Zoners who took part in the endless WODs, raised funds for MS on your own, and stayed by Rob and Donald’s side as they fought this fight.

Well done, Rob and Donald!  And well done CrossFit Zone Community!

Today’s Workout:

Buy-in- 3 rounds of:  5 goblet squats, 10 pushups, 15 kettlebell swings

WOD:  Widomakers and Annie

Part 1:  Widowmaker.  The widowmaker is a 20-rep squat for maximum weight lifted.  It is a test of not only your strength but your will to fight through some very tough repetitions.  The usual guideline is to start with a weight you think you can lift 10-12 times.  Once you get those 10-12 repetitions, you grind out one more… and then one more, and another… until you reach 20 reps.  If you know your back squat 1RM, look to do your widowmakers with anywhere from 60-70% of that.  Notes:

  • Safety – take two steps back from rack when squatting.  Have two people spotting you – one on each end of the bar
  • You may take as long as you want to complete the 20 reps as long as you don’t rack the bar
  • ALWAYS keep your chest up!  Do not let your chest come down and forward!!

Part 2:  Annie.

  • This is a classic Crossfit named workout and is one of our leaderboard selections

For time:

  • 50-40-30-20-10 rep rounds of:  double unders and situps (abmat or normal – you may anchor your feet)

Zone 2 – scale to single skips (double the reps)

Zone 1 – scale as needed

Cash-out: Follow the leader stretch


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