WEducation Series

Lindsay working on the last event at the 2010 TWC
Lindsay working on the last event at the 2010 TWC

Hello all,

Just a reminder of the upcoming WEducation Seminar happening this Wednesday December 15th at 745-9pm.  The topic of this presentation is “Theory of Training”.  If you’ve ever thought about the following questions, then this seminar might just be for you!

  • What exactly is the nature of physical training?
  • What adaptations take place within my body?
  • How are strength training and metabolic training different in the adaptations they produce?
  • Why can’t I/can I train the same movements each day?
  • How do endurance and strength training interact?

It should be quite an interesting presentation for those of you who participate in training but want to more about the “hows” and “whys” of your body’s response to different training stimuli.

Bring in your blankets, carry in some food, and pop your thinking caps on gang, should be fun!


Note: If you have not got your Christmas Party tickets (Friday, December 17th), we have 10 left!  Bring your money in today!

Today’s Workout

Buy-in: 3 rounds of – 5 overhead squats (bar or pvc), 7 jumping pullups, 9 jumping jacks

WOD:  “Linds”

This WOD is named after our very own Lindsay McCardle.  Linds has steadily stepped up her game since she arrived at the Zone, and has competed in both Zone Games and in the recent Taranis Winter Challenge.  Her gymnastics background and excellent work ethic have helped her tackle some of Crossfit’s toughest movements.  Two of those movements (muscle ups and handstand pushups) make an appearance in this workout.  This should be a great WOD for those girls and guys just getting their feet wet in these tough exercises… dig in gang!

4 rounds for time:

  • 1 muscle up
  • 5 handstand pushups (to the floor)
  • 7 toes to bar
  • 9 box jumps (24/30)

Games Prep:  girls – as is.  guys – 20lb dumbbell between feet for muscle ups, hspu’s on mini parallettes (i.e. 3″ deficit)

Zone 5:  hspu’s to one abmat

Zone 4:  sub 5 chest to bar pullups and 5 ring dips for each muscle up, hspu’s to 2 abmats

Zone 3:  5 regular pullups and 5 assisted ring dips for each muscle up, scale box jumps to 20/24, 10 pushups (toes, hand release at bottom) subbed for hspu’s

Zone 2:  5 assisted pullups and 5 pushups for each muscle up, scale rest as needed

Zone 1:  scale as needed

Cash-Out: foam roll or massage ball feet, glutes, upper back


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