Tribute to the Girls

Pic:  Sandy snatching some weight up in the early days – note the pullup bars attached by rope!

Hey gang,

So as you all know, CrossFit Zone is moving to a NEW FACILITY!  It’s been a long time coming and we’ve been on a hunt for a new spot for many months!  Thankfully, due to some diligent work by our Realtor (Rodney, of Burr Properties) and dogged determination from Sandy and Deanna, the new spot is secured and isn’t very far away!

Pics of the renos will be coming soon I’m sure as a crew has been working hard over this weekend to get the new space ready, but I just wanted to take the opportunity to recognize the work of two of our owners.

Sandy and Deanna really took the bull by the horns with this moving project.  With a move-out deadline fast approaching they were determined to find our community a new home.  As you know, these two have been involved in CrossFit Zone from the very start.  If it weren’t for these two, CrossFit Zone might be without a new home, and all of us would have to go back to crushing ambush WODs in Globogyms!

So props to these ladies, they deserve it for finding space for us to continue our fitness goals.  The new spot is sure to be awesome!


Today’s Workout

Buy-in:  4 rds – 8 kbs, 8 dc, 8 pvc ohs, 8 step-down box jumps

WOD:  Olympic Total

Here it is gang, your opportunity to lay down some top numbers in the Olympic lifts.  We’ll be using time limits to make sure everything moves along well.  For safety, if you fail on a weight twice, you’re done – don’t go heavier and don’t try to lift it again.  Check your ego at the door and hit weights with skill and grace!

1.  Snatch – 18 minutes to hit a 1RM

  • Warm up your overhead squat well and practice squat snatches from the start to groove the tech
  • All athletes should strive to eliminate pressing the bar out to complete the lift – Rx is NO PRESSOUT!
  • Work with a group of three to space your attempts and keep your area free of plates

2.  Clean and Jerk – 18 min to hit a 1RM

  • You may split or push jerk but the goal again is NO PRESSOUT!
  • Think smooth off the floor and practice pulling the body down into your squat as the bar is travelling up

Zone 2 (for both) – work a variation of the above lifts for technique (i.e. 5 x 5 hang power snatch)

Zone 1 – scale movements as needed

Cash-Out:  Option 1 – 2 min max wallballs.  Option 2 – stretch and roll out.


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