WEducation – Wednesday Jan 12th!

Linds and "bonbon" hanging out
Linds and "bonbon" hanging out

Hey Team,

The WEducation series continues this week (Jan 12th) with a presentation from our very own Lindsay McCardle.  Lindsay is currently working on her PhD at UVic in the field of Educational Psychology (see, brains AND performance!).  She’ll be discussing goal setting tips and strategies, which given the time of year, is quite fitting!

Come on out, bring a cushion, blanket, and maybe something nice and hot to drink.  This presentation will be starting up at around 8pm and will run to about 9.  Consider putting some of your own goals down on paper so that you can listen to Lindsay and refine them as the presentation progresses.

Hope to see you all there,


Today’s Workout

Buy-in: Front Squats 4 x 5, working up to a heavy set of 5.  Add two warmup sets before starting your official 4 sets.

WOD:  Mini Wallup

– 3 rounds for time:

  • 15 wallballs (14/20, hit the dot!!!)
  • 10 pullups

Zone 2 – scale to 10/14lb wallballs, assisted pullups

Zone 1 – scale as needed

GAMES PREP:  5 rounds

Cash-Out:  20 pistols, 10 TGU, 20 inchworms


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