Weekly Challenge #2 – MINDFULNESS

Congrats to those that made it through the first week of the Whole Life Challenge!  For all those that completed the first weeks challenge, your name is entered in to win a gift certificate from Synergy Wellness Centre for a two week pass of yoga classes.

Here is the second weekly challenge for those that are on the Whole Life Challenge

Mindfulness is bringing your attention directly to what’s happening in the present moment. It is being aware of your body, what’s coming in through your senses, your surroundings, your mental activity, and more. While not as easy at it may sound, your ability to be mindful will increase with practice. Science is finding that mindfulness has benefits that go beyond the esoteric quest for nirvana and include day-to-day benefits like stress reduction, increased immune function, and emotional resilience. Even more, it gives you a rest from the constant chatter that keeps you from living your life right now, and that traps you in the “mistakes” of your past or the worst-case-scenarios of the future. Mindfulness can give you access to what’s really there, what’s really important and making wise choices around matters to you.

Your weekly challenge for Week 2 is to PRACTICE MINDFULNESS every day for 10 minutes every day.

What does that mean?
That means that every day next week, starting Monday, you will engage in a simple practice of reflection for at least 10 minutes.

  • Some suggested practices: meditate, pray, write in a journal, or follow a guided meditation.
  • While you are practicing mindfulness, it must be the only thing you are doing.
  • If you notice your mind begin to wander, simply notice that it wandered and bring it back.
  • You can’t do it wrong. If you are intentionally practicing mindfulness, you are doing it. Notice what comes up and bring yourself back.
  • Share your experiences in this week’s weekly challenge forum.

Practice mindfulness for 10 minutes every day next week and earn 2 bouns points!

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Sumo Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 E3M

  • Warmup with hip mobility before class if needed to get into the proper positions
  • Remember Deadlift technique day? Create torque, tighten core and then set the start position
  • Keep the positioning through all the reps as you touch and go
  • Increase weight each set only if you are able to keep perfect form

WOD -This is a 2 part wod:

For time:

1km Row

Alternating Tabata:

Hollow Rocks (8 intervals)
Handstand Hold (8 intervals)

This is for completion, not reps. Score as total intervals of 16, RX or not RX

Zone 3 – hold against wall
Zone 2- scale to a plank hold
Zone 1 – scale hollow rock as needed

Cash Out – Work on your mobility goat!


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