Weekly Challenge #3 – WATER!

Congrats WLC`ers, you have made it through 2 whole weeks 🙂  Keep up the hard work, only 6 more weeks to go!

On a scale of the basic inputs that have a huge effect on your overall health and well being, water may be higher up than your exercise. If you are skipping out on being fully hydrated, your body cannot process or recover optimally. Many people ask about complex nutritional supplements to take to improve performance or increase physical results. You want to talk about a nutritional supplement worth taking? Drink water! Once you’re getting enough water (as well as proper nutrition, exercise and even sleep) you’ve created an environment where “tweaks” might make a real difference.

Your weekly challenge for Week 3 is to drink 1/2 oz. of water for every pound of your bodyweight every day.

What does that mean? That means that every day next week, starting on Monday and ending Sunday, you must drink the prescribed amount of water to earn your bonus points. For example, if you weigh 120 pounds, you must drink 60 oz. (about 2 L) of water. If you weight 200 pounds, you must drink 100 oz. (about 3L) of water

  • You can drink your water in the form of flat water, bubbly water, coconut water, or tea
  • Coffee does not count towards your water requirement
  • Spread your water out over the course of the day! It’s not good for you to guzzle several liters of water before bed, and it definitely won’t lead to a good night’s sleep.
  • Suggested practice: Set an alarm on your phone every hour and drink a glass of water when it goes off
  • Suggested practice: Carry a bottle of known quantity and determine how many times you must finish that bottle each day. Place that many rubber bands around the bottle at the top and move them to the bottom each time you finish it.
  • Share about your experiences of the weekly challenge in the global weekly challenge forum (not required for credit).

Drink 1/2 oz. of water for every pound of bodyweight next week and earn 2 bonus points!

Today`s Workout:

Buy In –  gymnastics practice (10 minutes) – make sure shoulders and hips are warm before class

Cartwheels – 10R / 10L or:
Handstand walking


  • shoulder touches against wall
  • feet on a box and walk around it both directions

WOD – “Diane”

Compare to May 1, 2012 , remember to set the bottom before grabbing the bar on the deadlift

21-15-9 Reps for time:
Deadlift (155/225lbs)
Handstand Pushup

* Kipping allowed

Zone 5: Scale Handstand Pushups to 1 Abmat / 15lb plate
Zone 4: Scale Deadlift to 125/185, Handstand Pushups to 2 Abmats / 15lb plate
Zone 3: Scale Deadlift to 95/135lbs, scale Handstand Pushups as needed
Zone 2: Scale Deadlift as needed, modify Handstand Pushups to Pushups
Zone 1: Scale as needed

Cash Out – 3 sets of max double unders.  Then retest your mobility goat, is there any change from the beginning of the month?


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