What is the “Running WOD”?

CrossFit VIctoria BC - let's go Zoner's!
Let's go Zoner's!

You may have noticed that there has been another section added to the “Today’s Workout” section called “Running WOD”.  We want to put a CrossFit Zone team into the Times Colonist 10km race and Rob and Donald so nicely made up a 4 month running plan to get us all ready for it.  Here are a few notes from Donald:

  • There will be options for rest and recovery, and a slower build in speed and distance, which should open up the club to experienced runners as well as those Zoners who are just beginning to run.  However, the run club does assume that you can already run at least 8 km.
  • One key point I’d make to anyone that is just starting to run is to listen to your body. If you need an extra day off, take it, then don’t worry about catching up or making it up.  Just move onto the next workout.

You may find it easier to run with a group or a partner to keep you motivated and to follow through with the running.  We all need to help each other out. So if you are planning to run, please post to the comments section where and when you are going, so that others can join in with you.  How does a regular Sunday run sound?  We can try to get out to Thetis, Elk/Beaver or Gowlland Tod each week.  Please check out the forum for more details, section -> “Workout” -> “TC 10km prep”  Please post in the forum the time you are available and if you are open to carpooling.

Here are the explanations of what the running terms mean:

400 at 5-K pace:
If you have run a 5-K recently use that time or if not approximate what you think your 5-K time would be. A 30 minute 5-K is a 6 min/km pace or 360 sec/km pace. 360 sec X .4 (for 400m) = 144 sec or 2 min 24 sec/400m.

Tempo run:
The effort associated with a tempo run should be “comfortably hard”, steady running at threshold pace, 80-90% effort.

Recovery run:
A very easy run, 50-60% effort.

Hill run:
Preferably a decent couple hundred metre hill is used – run hard up, recovery jog down, repeat for allotted time.

Strides are short, fast runs with a progressive acceleration at the start and a progressive deceleration at the finish – run at a “comfortable sprint” pace (as fast as you can go without tying up and losing good form) in the middle. The key to running good Strides is to think Fast and Relaxed.

A few of our members ran the Pioneer 8km race on Sunday, January 10th.  Here are the results!

  • Chris Moore 29:30
  • Donald Peterson 38:05
  • Rob Mackay 38:06
  • Krista Kitson 39:37
  • Lani Shields 39:50
  • Erin Mowat 43:00

Today’s Wokout:

Buy In – Burgener warmup x 3 (For the advanced members, move to a barbell on the 2nd or 3rd set), we add in a few other skill transfer exercises, please follow along with the coach for the first round.

WOD – Clean skill transfer exercises

  • Clean Shrug (focus on getting full extension) 5 x 5 reps adding weight each set
  • Clean Drop (focus on catching in a full squat) 5 x 5 reps adding weight each set

Post your 5 rep max hang power clean to my Fran time

Cash-out: Skin the cat 3 x 3, if you can’t get all the way inverted on the rings, focus on getting those knees up as high as possible.

Running WOD

8 km run recovery run

Please post in the comments when and where you are doing your run if you would like people to join you!

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100 Day Burpee Challenge:

Burpees today: 44

Buy-in: 990


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