Nancy Finals – Results!

Great Job to everyone in the Nancy Challenge!

Last Name First Name Category Baseline Final
Bane Alison Beginner 10:39 N/A
Daly Quinn Beginner 8:57 N/A
Davey Colin Intermediate 8:56 TBA
Jensen Brigit Beginner 17:22 10:58
Moore Chris Beginner 14:50 7:16
Reid Kyle Beginner 10:09 7:34
Stewart Dan Beginner 8:43 N/A
Wauthy Amber Beginner 17:13 (5) 16:28
Wyngaarden Michelle Intermediate 15:46 (5) 13:52
Birtwell Cam Intermediate 12:09 14:02 (Adv)
Brown Eric Intermediate 16:13 14:40
Chen Felix Intermediate 18:30 16:55
Hardy Kendall Intermediate 17:18 TBA
Jones Shannon Intermediate 16:18 TBA
Meijer Ann Intermediate 16:02 14:41
Ogilvie Brian Intermediate 15:34 16:44
Peterson Donald Intermediate 14:36 14:00
Rathlef Dave Intermediate 20:10 TBA
Shields Lani Intermediate 15:44 14:19
Williams Liz Intermediate 16:33 17:17
Gandhi Mehul Advanced 18:35 19:52
James Tom Advanced 15:38 14:44
Kitson Krista Advanced 16:18 16:11
Reeves Warren Advanced 15:19 TBA
Weltman Toby Advanced 16:35 13:15
Whiteley Deanna Advanced 23:27 23:11

Beginner Most Improved:

  • Brigit Jensen – 7:24
  • Chris Moore – 7:34

Intermediate Most Improved:

  • Lani Shields – 1:25
  • Felix Chen – 1:45

Advanced Most Improved:

  • Deanna Whiteley – 16 sec
  • Toby Weltman – 3:20

Fastest Times:

  • Beginner – Chris Moore
  • Intermediate – Donald Peterson
  • Advanced – Toby Weltman

I wanted to send out a special thanks to everyone who helped me get through my last round in the challenge. It was very inspiring and I really felt the love. Don’t worry I am not going to cry like Turtsy…. 😉

Now for the good stuff! It is time for you to vote what the next Benchmark Workout Challenge will be. Take a look in your Success Journals and pick a Girl’s Name or a Hero workout. Please post your vote to the comments section.

Today’s Wokout:

Buy In – Box Squat demo, please watch the video (Part 1 & Part 2). Practice 5 x 5, only adding weight if the coach gives you permission.  Coaches, please review the full videos in the CrossFit Journal to know what cues to look for.

WOD – “The Triple Threat”

With a continuously running clock do:

  • 1 Kettlebell Swing
  • 1 Double-Under
  • 1 Push-Up

On the first minute.  Then:

  • 2 Kettlebell Swings
  • 2 Double-Unders
  • 2 Push-Ups

On the second minute, etc.  Continue adding reps up to 15 minutes.   If you fall off the clock, continue working the circuit pattern at your max reps possible until the time runs out.

Elite: 35/55

Zone 4: 25/40

Zone 3: 20/35

Zone 2: 15/30; sub in 3:1 single skips for double unders if needed

Zone 1: Scale KB as needed, sub in 3:1 single skips for double unders

Cash-out: A set of 100’s with a partner

Running WOD

9 x 400 at 5-K pace

Please post in the comments when and where you are doing your run if you would like people to join you!

_ _ _ _

100 Day Burpee Challenge:

Burpees today: 43

Buy-in: 946


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