Where Are All The Early Birds?


Where are all the dedicated morning Zoners?  Don’t forget that we have now added a 7:00 a.m. class to our schedule!  So all you Early Birds  make a plan to come down and WOD your hearts out before work.  It’s a great way to start the day,  not to mention it’ll wake you up like nobody’s business….  (And, as a special added bonus, you get to spend time with Coach Bones.  😉 )

See you there!

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Muscle up practice for 15 minutes. Work through progressions with strict muscle up and rubber bands, or jumping muscle ups.

WOD – “No Name”

This WOD will be named after the top female score today!  Let’s go ladies!!!

Part 1:

Deadlift – 4 x 6 Reps, work your way up to a heavy 6RM.

  • Keep the core tight
  • Maintain lumbar curve on each rep
  • Touch and Go reps
  • No dropping of the weight at the top, not even on last rep
  • If you are competing in the Zone Games this weekend don’t push the deadlift to a New PR! Save your hammies and back!

Part 2:

5 Rounds for time:

  • 5 Body weight Front Squats
  • 5 Handstand Pushups (1 abmat / no ab mat)

No racks allowed, so you must clean the weight up each set.

Zone 4: scale squat to 3/4 BW

Zone 3: scale HSPU to 2 abmats / 1 abmat

Zone 2: scale squat to 50%, scale hspu to regular pushups

Zone 1: scale squat as needed

Scoring: Take the time in Part 2 (seconds) and Subract your 6RM deadlift for your score.  There could potentially be a negative score in the Male category.

Cash Out – Foam roll out low back and hamstrings


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