Who Wants A Kip?


It’s like a fever around the gym these days.  I keep hearing people talking about their fierce determination to get their kipping pullup!  I like hearing it, and I love it even more when I see people diligently practicing the skills and working their way to eventual success.

What’s even better is the times when we Coaches spend just 5 minutes coaching someone who has no idea that they’re even close to getting their kip, but is showing interest, and then watching them fire one off with no problem after they get an idea of what the technique feels like.  The success and pride that registers on their face is amazing, and often looks more like disbelief that it actually happened, and that it COUNTS, because it was so much easier than they thought.

To help more of you Zoners hammer down this essential CrossFit skill, I’m posting a video from an old CrossFit seminar where Coach and founder Greg Glassman spends some time talking about the relativity of the move, and explaining the technique.  Keep your eyes on the far right hand side of the screen for some subtitle tips during the demo.  Enjoy!

Now let’s see how many of you will take the initiative to get yourselves off the pullup bands.  Let’s do it, folks!

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Widow Makers – 20 Rep Back Squat.  Do a few warmup up sets to get close to your starting weight.

What is a Widow Maker? It is a 20 rep back squat with a very challenging weight.  After a few repetitions, you think that you will not be able to complete 20 reps.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Stay tight – your poor form will surely degrade with such high reps.
  • Take two or three breaths between reps. You’ll need the oxygen, this isn’t a sprint. If you can rip these reps off, then the weight you choose is too light. These sets can take as long as three minutes to finish.
  • I’ll say it again – stay tight. The upper body will be working crazy hard to keep the midline stable while trying to support the weight and fill the lungs with air.
  • These will be a lesson in mental stamina. First of all you are doing a set of twenty with a weight you should only be able to do for ten (which is hard to wrap your head around).
  • Plus, two and half to three minutes is a long time to have that weight on your back, it gives that voice in your head plenty of time to talk you out of your next rep.
  • Keep focus through out the entire set. Convince yourself you will not quit.
  • Keep spotters close.

WODCrossFit Games 2010 Deadlift/Pistol/2xUnder

* Coaches make sure that athletes rest at least 10 minutes before beginning the AMRAP *

As many rounds as possible in 7 minutes of:
7 deadlifts (205/315 lb.)
20M sprint
14 pistols
21 double-unders
20M sprint

Girls – reps to beat are 234 set by Annie Thorisdottir

Guys – reps to beat are 242 set by Rich Jr Froning

Zone 3 – Scale Deadlift to 175/265lbs

Zone 2 – Scale deadlift to 135/205lbs, scale pistols (use a weight to counterbalance, or hold onto something stable)

Zone 1– Scale deadlift as needed, scale to single skips x 3, scale to regular squats if needed

Cash Out – Nice easy row, 26 strokes per minute for 5 minutes.  Focus on good posture through the catch.

GYMNASTCIS CLASS CANCELLED for Tuesday Night July 20th,

Sorry for any inconvenience and late notice. Tomorrow’s class, Wednesday the 21st is still up and running!


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