Whole Life Challenge Prelim THIS Saturday!

The Whole Life Challenge is just about to start.  Are you ready?

Are you still on the fence? Come on down to the Prelim session/workout on Saturday and ask questions and then make the correct decision…. JOIN!

Here are some tips to help you get ready:

  1. Join team “Zone Team” and pick your nutrition category on the WLC website.
  2. Set up your profile on the WLC website, watch the video for directions.
  3. Clean out your cupboards, fridge and freezer of things that you are not on the challenge and will tempt you.
  4. Make a list of all the social events you have to attend during the challenge and start to think about how not to lose points. Are you headed to a restaurant? Call the restaurant ahead of time to find out what is WLC friendly.
  5. Print off the list of foods that are allowed and not allowed. To find this list go to: Help -> Food lists – > choose your category
  6. Highlight your favourite foods on the list and start looking for some recipes ( http://paleomg.com/ , http://paleohacks.com/ )
  7. Purchase the supplement you will be taking on the challenge (recommended – Omega 3, probiotics, Greens, Vitamin D).
  8. Make a list of areas you want to get more mobile in and stretches/rolling you can do for 10 min a day or book a session with your coach to put a program together for you.
  9. Make a list of workouts that are easy that you can do at home when you are not coming in to the gym. Need ideas? Click here
  10. Book an extra day in your calendar to come to the gym for your – FREE COMPLIMENTARY CLASS each week (for current CF Zone members only).

We will be doing the Preliminary workout on Saturday, January 17th at 11am at 708 Pembroke street. Everyone is welcome to come join this workout (see workout details below), even if you are not a member (drop in $20 + tax). We will also be doing the two measurements recommended on the challenge and a Q&A about the challenge.

If you are interested in getting more of a baseline/picture of yourself  on January 17th, you are welcome to purchase an added package of:

* Photos – front, back and side profile (emailed to only you)
* 7 site body fat percentage with calipers + print out/email
* More girth measurements of other body parts

Cost – $18.75 + tax



Complete as many reps as possible (AMREP) in 11 minutes of:

800m Run (1/2 mile) (or 1,000m Row); followed by
75 Squats; followed by
50 Sit Ups; followed by
25 Push Ups; followed by
as many Burpees as possible in time remaining.

Count ALL reps completed in under 11 minutes (squats + sit ups + push ups + burpees) as your score.



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