Winter Challenge Brief and Techneek Week Round 2

the competitors and crew
the competitors and crew

Hello all!

For those of you wondering how the Winter Challenge went this past weekend, it was AWESOME!  Our athletes got out and put out huge and impressive efforts in both the individual and team competitions and the support through the weekend was absolutely amazing.  Blogs this week will update you on all the details and stay tuned for pics and videos!

Here’s a brief recap of the final placings of our athletes:

Men’s Individual:

  • Jer “Jerbear” Bomhof:  48th
  • Eric “Big Easy” Brown: 41st
  • Tom “TeeJ” James: 17th
  • Cam “Turts” Birtwell:  15th
  • Lucas “Scoots” Parker:  3rd

Women’s Individual:

  • Deanna “Angry Kitten” Whiteley:  16th
  • Lindsay “Linds” McCardle: 12th

Team Zoners:

  • Kyle “KyleNESS” Reid, France “Francey Pants” Legault, Warren “Dub” Reeves, and Heather “HBomb” Bailey:  Seeded 19th going in, finished an amazing 8th!!!

In all categories, the competition was extremely tough, many people estimating that it was a stronger field than last year’s BC Sectional Championships.  With 5 different scoring opportunities throughout the day in the individual competition, a variety of skills and time domains were tested.  In the team competition, athletes had to battle against the threat of a double-knockout style bracket, and our Zoners kicked off their day at an early 7am!

Like I said, many more details and stories to follow but I want to take the time to congratulate all athletes, you guys laid it on the line in a very tough environment against top notch competition and represented our gym and community extremely well.  In addition, an extra special mention has to go to the spirited Zoners who showed up throughout the weekend to cheer on our athletes – I know for a fact that each and every one of our athletes appreciated having so much support and positive vibes sent out through the weekend.  You guys were outstanding to say the least, we love you all!

Technique Week

Given the intensity of the last few weeks and the competition over the past weekend, we’re going to slow things down again a bit this week and work on some skills.  One thing that we all need to get better at is our technique in both big lifts (cleans, snatches, presses) and make-or-break skills like double unders, wallballs, box jumps, and rowing.  By emphasizing quality over quantity/speed this week, we will set ourselves up for safer and more efficient movement in the future.

Like last time, there will be metcon components put into the workout days and expect to see some of the events from the past weekend pop up soon, so don’t worry about getting your cardio fix… It WILL happen 🙂  In most cases, the buy-in will be beefed up a bit, so feel free to push in that aspect of the workout too.

Keep fit and have fun,


Today’s Workout

Buy-in:  4 rounds of:  100 single skips, 10-20 double crunch, 10-20 pushups (athlete’s choice of actual reps)

  • Efficient single skips set the platform for efficient doubles.  If you can’t skip singles with a 2-3″ jump and complete relaxation in your upper body, work on this as it will be a major determining factor in your ability to perform quick, consistent, and energy-efficient doubles.

Technical WOD:  Clean Basics

  1. Front Squat – 4 x 10 reps, working on an upright torso and high elbows throughout the movement.  Work with 50% of your 1 rep max or a weight that allows for perfect smooth reps.  Do not allow your torso to drop forward on the ascent.
  2. Hang Power Clean – 5 x 8 reps, focusing on arms straight through hip extension, dropping down into quarter squat to catch with fast clean elbows.  Work with a bar to perfect the movement then no more than 50% 1RM.  Speed and quality are a MUST!

Cash-Out:  50 burpees for time


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