Winter Challenge: We Need A Team!

It’s time again for CrossFit Taranis to host their yearly Winter Challenge

Are YOU training to compete this year?  Why not get your feet wet with the CrossFit Taranis Winter Challenge!

Registration opens for this great event on Sept 12th.  We want to put in an Affiliate Team again this year, and we need to have the names of the participants upon registration.

We are allowed a minimum of 2 guys/ 2 girls, and a max  of 3 guys/3 girls.  However, only 2 of each will compete in the end.  Please email Deanna at if you want to be on the team, as Deanna will be doing the registering.

If there are more than 6 people interested in competing on a Zone Team, we will come up with a fair way to choose who makes the cut.

Think about it, and get back to Coach Dee A.S.A.P. if you want in!

Today’s Workout

Buy-in:  Before class – 3 rounds of – 10 pvc dislocates, 10 double crunch, 5 goblet squats

  • Then:  partner up and work up towards WOD weight

WOD:  BASE 1 d

The second-to-last wod of the BASE series is here!  We’ll be keeping it at 5 rds and the 30s/30s format.  Focus in on perfect technique maintenance through all rounds.

5 rounds of:

  • Front Squat 10 reps
  • Wall walks (3/round)
  • Barbell Row 10 reps
  • Scale all weights and movements as needed (sub inchworms for wall walks if needed)
  • For Squats keep it around 60% of 1RM, keep barbell rows smooth and steady

Cash-Out:  Tabata Burpees and Double Unders

  • 8 rounds (4 rounds each of burpees and du’s) – 20s burpees, 10 sec rest, 20s double unders, 10s rest x 4
  • Total reps is your score
  • Scale to single skips if needed


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