Zone Games 5 Heat Schedule

Okay team,

So due to the logistics of running the obstacle course, we will be starting up a bit earlier than anticipated. Doors to the Zone will open at 8am and the first 30min will be dedicated to Craiggers showing a run-through of the obstacle course and discussing any finer details of movement standards for that WOD.

There will be a strict 6 min time cap for the obstacle course and athletes will be starting their attempts every 7 min… so be on the ball and ready to go at your appointed time! Even if you are not scheduled to run through WOD 1 until later in the morning, I strongly suggest you show up at 8am so that you are familiar with the requirements of the course and this will be your ONLY chance to do a 1-lap walk through.

After WOD 1, everything runs as usual – there will be scoring and announcement breaks and demos of WODs 2 and 3 before those start up.

WOD 2 will have a 12 minute time cap

WOD 3 will have a 16 minute time cap

Athletes not finished the WODs within the time cap will be scored by how far they progressed in that workout.

After WOD 2, athletes will be stratified within their groups so that the bottom 3 or 4 athletes compete first with the top 3 or 4 going in the last heat for their group.

Any comments or questions, post to comments in this blog!


Time Category Athlete 1 Athlete 2 Athlete 3 Athlete 4 Athlete 5
8am Doors open          
8-830 WOD 1 Demo and run through          
830 Novice Meagan        
837   James        
844 Int women (Open) Lindsay F        
851   Heather        
858   Sarah        
905   Nicci        
912 Int Men (Open) May        
919   Jon        
926 Adv Women (Open) Wendy        
933   Lindsay M        
940   Adriana        
947 Adv Men Greg        
954   Eric        
1001   Sean        
1008   Adam        
1015   Mike        
1022   Cam        
1029   Paul L        
1036   Gord        
1043   Tom        
1050   Allan        
1057   Warren        
1110 Scoring break and Announcements          
1130 WOD 2 Demo and Standards          
1150 Int Women Lindsay F Heather Sarah Nicci  
1205 Int Men/Adv Women May Jon Wendy Lindsay M Adriana
1230 Adv men H1 Greg Eric Sean Adam  
1245 Adv men H2 Mike Cam Paul L Gord  
100 Adv men H3 Tom Allan Warren    
110-120 Novice WOD 2 Demo and Standards          
125 Novice WOD 2 Meagan James      
140 Scoring Break and Announcements          
150-210 WOD 3 Demo and Standards          
225 Bottom 3 Open          
245 Middle 3 Open          
305 Top 3 Open          
325 Adv Men Bottom 3          
345 Adv Men Middle 4          
405 Adv Men Top 4          
425 Scoring Break and Announcements          
430 Awards + BBQ          


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