2011 Winter Challenge Results

Zone Team showing some guns after the last workout

Congratulations to all the individuals and teams that competed at the Winter Challenge this weekend.  Thank you to the Zone Family that came out to show your support and love for the family.  Thank you to Coach Bones for holding down the fort while all the coaches were at the competition this weekend.  Thank you to the Taranis team for putting on another great event this year.

The athletes this weekend did AMAZING, they gave it everything they had and left nothing behind!  There were some very heavy weights in the workouts this year and athletes hit PRs and for reps!!!!  You should all be very proud of yourselves.  Check out Facebook for videos and photos (by b).

Here’s a brief recap of the final placings of our athletes:


Lindsay McCardle – 16th
France Legault – 19th
Michelle Wyngaarden – 29th

Lucas Parker – 4th
Tom James – 2oth
Cam Birtwell – 22nd
Sean Bruce – 28th
Adam Giles – 32nd
Warren Reeves – 36th
Dino Larizza – 57th


Zone Team 1 (Lindsay F, Wendy, Deanna, Kyle & Paul)  – 5th in Heat
Zone Team 2 (Adrianna, Kath, Gord & Craig) – 5th in Heat

There was some tough competition for our competitors this year,  but everyone put up a good fight. The weekend was made up of 6 workouts for the individual athletes and 4 for our teams.  Some of the workouts had 2 different scoring opportunities, one score for a max repetitions and one for max weight lifted.  The workouts ranged from a 5km run, to max snatch, to a barbell complex to somersaults! Be sure to congratulate the athletes when you see them next in the gym.

If any athletes would like to write about their experience and share it with the family, please send it to deanna@crossfitzone.ca

Q.O.D: What was your favourite part of the TWC?

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Pullup technique – work on your kipping pullup, butterfly pullup or muscle up.  Coaches, spend 15 minutes working on the movement

Check out the video tutorial on the butterfly pullup: http://youtu.be/UabNwmk0oUM

Workout – “Fun 400’s”

4 Rounds of:

400M Med ball run (14/20lb)

  • With a partner, you will take turns running with a medicine ball around the block.  Partner 1 runs 400M, then Partner 2 runs 400M, repeat 3 more times.

Zone 2 – Scale to 10/14lb ball

Zone 1 – Scale to 2-3 rounds, scale ball as needed

* Dress warm for the early morning and evening workout times!

Cash Out – Follow the leader stretching


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