Are you a leader?

Leaderboard is Updated!

During the move we were a little slow on the draw with updating the leaderboard.  Our apologies!  I know that you all wanted to see your names up there, and they are now.

I know that there is a lot of things that have been missed, so take a look next time that you are in the gym to make sure that any PRs that you have hit since we have been at the new box are on the leaderboard.

Today`s Workout:

Buy In – Coach Led dynamic Warm up

WOD –  “Jackie”

  • 1000m row
  • 50 thrusters (45lb bar)
  • 30 pull -ups

Zone 3 – scale reps to 25 thrusters and 15 pullups

Zone 2 – 750m row, scale weight of thrusters as needed, assisted pullups

Zone 1 – scale reps as needed

Games Prep – chest to bar pullups, & 65lb thrusters


As a group, accumulate a total of 3 minutes in various plank holds or a hollow rock hold

Cash Out – MWOD – Free up the scapula

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