Be That Guy!

WLC’ers Here is your 1st challenge to receive Bonus points!  Please post your findings into the discussion forum to get your points!

Life can be tough when you want what you want. Your needs look one way and the world looks another. Much of the time what you want is out there, you just have to ask. Sure asking “is there sugar in that?” can be awkward, but how else do you make sure to get what you need?

The first week’s weekly challenge – Be That Guy!

What does that mean? It means that 3 times next week you will talk to a restaurant and ask all the relevant questions necessary to make sure that you can (or can’t!) eat at that restaurant and stay WLC compliant.

  • You do not have to eat at every restaurant you talk to, but you must eat at one of them
  • You may talk to someone at the restaurant in person or over the phone. NO EMAIL!
  • You task is complete whether it turns out you can or cannot eat at that restaurant and stay compliant
  • You must post your results in your affiliate’s Weekly Challenge discussion forum. Each post must be clear about what can or cannot be eaten and the WLC status of the restaurant
  • Don’t make any assumptions based on this. You can visit the restaurants that people report, but you must ask your own questions when you eat there! You never know just how good of a detective they were!

Be that guy 3 times next week and earn 2 bonus points!


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