Client Kudos

A valued client says "Thanks"...
A valued client says "Thanks"...

Below is a letter that was received by the CrossFit Zone staff from one of our clients, Will Kelsey.  Because he was one of our newer recruits, we contacted him for some feedback on his CrossFit experience.  He blew us away with his reply:


The past two months with the Zone have been great! I was in such a funk
throughout the winter, and this has really helped to put me back on track.
I definitely enjoy CrossFit. I’ve done it previously with different groups
and it is by far the best workout that I can get in a realistic amount of
time. But my previous CrossFit experiences pale in comparison to my time
with the Zone!

So, what is it about the zone that I like so much? Well, there are two
reasons. First, is the social environment. It is the right mix of
friendly/casual/inspiration with competitive/ambitious/ass-kicking. It’s
perfect for me! I always feel inspired to push myself as far as I can go,
but at the same time not feel like I’m being pushed too hard. Second, and
probably most important is the quality of the coaching. I’ve always wanted
to get into technical Olympic style lifting. But I’ve always been
terrified of injuring myself. At the Zone, I know that I’m getting top
quality coaching that keeps me safe and teaches me the technique I need to
get the most weight and the most reps… Even if I’m a bit of a slow
learner on some things. So, the two reasons why I love the Zone so much are
directly related to you, Deanna, and to the other coaches too. You absolutely have
a great effect on the environment, and I always know that I’m in good
hands when it comes to technical coaching.

The proof? As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Or in this case, the
proof is in the gains that I’ve made. The undeniable truth is that I look
and feel better now than I have in a long time. And I’m damn sure that on
a whole I am fitter now than I have been for a while too. And I can’t
forget to mention that every WOD leaves me sore the next day! But it’s
always a good sore. Even with pushing myself hard on exercises like
Deadlifts, I have never “hurt” myself at the Zone.

My only regret is that I didn’t do a baseline workout when I first started
with the Zone. I’d love to do it again right now to quantify just how far
I’ve come. It’s something that I’d like to do soon.

There really isn’t much that I’d like to see change at the Zone. The only
thing I can think of is adding a few more places to hang my coat! But that
really doesn’t matter. I honestly like it just the way it is. I really
just can’t wait for the next WOD. It’s been two months, and I feel like
I’ve come a long way, but I also know that there’s so much more to go. So,
you can expect to see me keep on coming back for more and more. Oh, and my
wife Bonnie should be joining me in April if her school workload lightens
up. Plus I’m working on another friend of mine who is very fit, but is a
victim of traditional weightlifting routines.

So, thanks for everything and I’ll see you soon!

Will Kelsey

We really appreciate the feedback, Will!  Thanks for being such a dedicated Zoner, and keep up the good work!

Today’s Workout:

Buy-in: “Funky Movement” – each member of the class shows an interesting way to traverse the gym floor (on all fours, sideways, backwards etc etc).  Do one length of each type of movement, get creative!

WOD:  Snatching Goats

Perform the following with a technique focus.  Keep the weight moderate and work on accuracy and stability in the movements.

Move 3-4 times through the following sequence:

  • 1 set of 3 snatch balances (see Video)
  • rest 1-2 min
  • 1 set of 3 hang power snatch
  • rest 1-2 min
  • 1 set of 3 hang squat snatch

Cash-out: Use the remainder of the class time to work on 1-3 Goats that have a technique focus.  Utilize the coaches, they can give you lots of helpful tips!!

* If you missed out on yesterday’s rowing intervals and want a good cardio push, do them during the cash-out portion of today’s WOD*


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