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Crossfit Victoria BC - Fight gone bad challenge

Hey guys! Guess what? The coaches here at CrossFit Zone happen to think you’re all amazing. We also love celebrating all your successes and milestones. As such, we want to hear about them! In addition, we want to provide opportunities for everyone in our cozy CrossFit Zone community to celebrate each others’ achievements. That’s why we’ve created a thread in our website forum where you can post your brag-worthy accomplishments. It’s called “Athlete Performance”, and it’s wide open for interpretation and posts you feel are interesting. Anything you’re proud of is worth posting, whether big or small! We want to hear it all; from upping your weight on a max lift, playing soccer and realizing you’re not as winded as usual, saying NO to a big piece of chocolate cake at a birthday party, squeezing in an early morning run when you’d rather stay in bed, or hitting a new PR during rowing practice on the lake. Whatever you’re patting yourself on the back for, we’d like to join in!

As a community, feel free to check the forum for posts regularly. You can make your own post, or comment on what other people have shared. The goal is to help support one another as we strive for elite fitness.

And now for an announcement… We’re working on putting out a monthly newsletter, containing all kinds of useful CrossFit Zone information. Part of this newsletter will include noteworthy members’ milestones and accomplishments. We’re also adding a feature called “Ask A Coach”. This is going to be an advice style, question and answer column, in which we’ll address any concerns or inquiries you send us. We’ve created a thread for this in our website forum as well, labelled by the same title, “Ask A Coach”. Feel free to ask us anything: remember, there are NO stupid questions! If you want to remain anonymous, let us know and we can honour that in our newsletter.

So everybody put your names out there, and let’s start sharing!

Just a reminder that tomorrow is Remembrance Day and the gym will not have regular Wednesday hours.  There will be open gym at12pm for all levels as well as a scheduled class at 5pm for all levels.

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Burgener Warmup x 3, start with a PVC pipe and work your way up to an olympic bar.  If you have not done the Burgener Warmup before, please watch the video.  There are may variations of it, please familiarize yourself with each exercise in the video

WOD – Grace Practice

Dead Lift – build quickly to a heavy 1; not a 1RM effort
Hang Power Clean – build quickly to a heavy 2; not a 2RM effort
Press – build quickly to a heavy 3; not a 3RM effort
Cash Out – Grace practice – power clean and overhead touch and go reps
(choose a weight you can perform 5 manageable but challenging reps; rest 1 min; repeat 6 times; work on speed and good reps!)

* Workout from OPT

Cash Out – Stretch


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