Competitor’s Meeting – Reminder!!

Open Men's Podium from Zone Games 1
Open Men's Podium from Zone Games 1

Hello all,

Just a reminder that this coming Sunday Nov 28 I’ll be hosting a discussion for any and all athletes who are interested in competing next year (at any level from Zone Games to Sectionals and Regionals).  The chat will be mostly focused around getting ready for Sectionals but the info can be used for anyone with competitive aspirations.

We’ll talk about how to figure out where you are weak and where you are strong, plus how to plan and implement changes to bring up the weak spots.

At 430pm we’ll be meeting to do the .com wod from last Monday and at 530 the formal discussion will start.  Be sure to bring a change of clothes if you are doing the WOD and/or a warm blanket and hot drink to tide you over in the cool gym environment.

Hope to see you there, post to comments if you’re interested.


Today’s Workout

Buy-in – Create teams of 4 then decide on team names – must be two words starting with “D” and “P” – haha that already is trouble!

WOD – “The Donald”

This is a 30 minute AMRAP designed to test your mental and physical strength.  You may at any time take breaks in the stations or rest if you need to.  If you usually do Zone 1-3 then think about scaling down a bit.  This WOD is listed in – we last did it in early May of this year!

4 “stations” – highest total reps wins

  • 200m run – this paces the rest of the group’s time interval
  • wallball (14/20)
  • rest
  • burpees

Zone 2- scale wallballs to 10/14

Zone 1 – consider skipping today.

Cash-Out:  foam roll, eat good food, relax… you’ve earned it!!


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