Day 5 and they are still going strong!

Congratulations to Rob and Donald who have completed 4 out of 7days of their 300km adventure for the kids. I was lucky enough to be able to experience a full day with the guys. You know, it just put it all into reality for me on Wednesday. You really can’t appreciate what they are doing until you see it first hand. When you hear about what they are doing, it sounds pretty crazy and unachievable to the un-ultramarathoner, but they have been pounding it out. I rollerbladed about 30’ish kms with them and I was so impressed with their attitude and drive that day. Check out the video (above) from the finish line of Day 3.

They started off strong on Monday Day 1 with an amazing support team. CrossFit Zone had Krista, Lani and myself to start off their trek, as well as Norm (a friend and an amazing athlete from Squamish) and Danny the intern from Kool Fm. Danny lasted about 1km, Krista, Lani and I did about 10km and Norm was a trooper and finished off the total 42.2km with the guys. I know they really appreciated all of the support! The kept a great pace throughout, about 5 minute kilometres; finishing at 3:57:12

Day 2 was a little tough for the guys! They started off a little sore and tired. The run began with Krista, Lani, Sean F and myself from CrossFit Zone. Lani and I did about 5km and Sean and Krista finished off at the 10km mark. They were joined by Brian on his bike around the halfway point. Day 2, they were pushing about 6 minute kilometres and not so happy with that pace; finished off the marathon at 4:27

The guys went into Day 3 with a new attitude and drive after not making a sub 4hr marathon the day before. Rob turned into a drill sgt. at the rest stops, at the time Donald was not impressed, but in the end he really appreciated it when they crossed the finish line at 3:57:43. Way to bring it back guys! I stuck with them the whole day on my blades. It was a lot of fun keeping them motivated and adding some humour into their run. Donald found it very entertaining around Turkey point where I got a twig stuck in my blades and just about bailed. Thanks to CrossFit, I was able to maintain a strong core and slow myself down without eating the pavement. Rob let me know on the race that when he used to run his back would get pretty sore, but not this time around because he has a strong core from CrossFit!

Day 4 the guys kept the same attitude as the day before and kept the breaks short, sometimes not even stopping at the check points. They would just grab a gel and a bottle of water and keep going! Donald was having some IT band issues and if he stopped running, it would start to seize up, so they kept on truckin. The day began with Krista, Jo, Doug ( a friend of their’s) and I. I finished up at the 5km mark and Krista and Jo headed on to the 10km mark. Way to go girls! It was a very quiet day for the guys. After we all left, it was just the two of them. They just kept their heads down and ploughed through it. I think the massage they were getting later in the day motivated them to finish 😉 We are so impressed with their finish today… the best time ever! Competed in 3:57:03. Way to go guys!

Day 5 is upon us…. I will not be joining them today unfortunately. I need to take a rest day to get ready for the 8km race on Sunday. I know that Krista and ‘Danny the intern’ will be there. Potentially Shannon and Lani will be going out. Hope they have a great support group!

A special thanks goes out to the support car crew. Erin and Wendy have done an amazing job to keep these guys motivated and well fueled and hydrated! They also took lots of video footage from the check points each day. To view all the video footage check out Donald’s youtube page.

Check out the details for the weekend!


Workout A: Support team running with Rob and Donald for the last 5kms. Please meet at the gym to carpool at 9:00am or meet at Clover Point at 9:15am to get in a warmup before finishing the race with the guys!

Workout B: Come down to the Front Runners at Vancouver and Yates between 11am – 4pm to do a few mini WOD’s at our tent. We would appreciate anyone who can come down to support the Zone. It is going to be a blast! Even if you run earlier, you can still come and WOD later 😉


On Sunday we will be having a after marathon party at the gym in support for Rob and Donald after completing their 300km challenge. It will be a potluck, so please bring an appy for the table and whatever you would like to drink. This will begin at 1:30pm and will go until everyone leaves! Remember it is Thanksgiving weekend and the party may only last until about 3:00pm’ish. Look forward to seeing lots of Zoner’s out!


The gym will be closed on Monday for Thanksgiving long weekend. It has been a pretty crazy week! Take a rest day or have an active recovery day. Go for a hike, play a sport or just enjoy the sun if it is nice out!

Open Gym time – TBA

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – block run (500m), clean and jerk practice

WOD – “Grace”

Elite: 30 reps for time of ground to overhead (power clean and jerk) –

Zone 4: scale to 75/115

Zone 3: scale to 65/95

Zone 2: scale to 50/75

Zone 1: scale as needed

Cash Out – 220 Double unders, 660 singles


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