Dirty Words

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It seems that in today’s society, the word “diet” has become dirty.  People associate being on a diet with depriving oneself.  And really, if you think about it, when diets ARE solely based on deprivation, then it’s no wonder so many people fail at them!

To me, the word diet isn’t about deprivation.  It’s about healthy eating patterns.  Case in point, we sing the merits of “The Zone Diet” and “The Paleo Diet” here at CrossFit.  And I think anyone who has tried either can agree that the point behind those “diets” is not just about eating; it’s about creating a whole lifestyle for the improvement of your health via putting optimum fuel into your body, rather than trying to eat as little as possible in efforts to simply lose weight.  Of course, eating for health and fuel purposes does often have the beneficial side effect of making you lose weight… but that’s not the sole purpose of the “diet”.  The point is to adopt healthy eating patterns that complement your healthy and active lifestyle.

Too many people see food restriction as the only way to lose weight.  And in losing weight, the same people believe that being thinner equates with being healthier.  Not so!  In fact, sometimes the strange methods of deprivation required in order to lose weight solely via diet can actually have detrimental effects on one’s health.

Here at the Zone, we advocate for making changes to your eating patterns because we want to see you succeed in all ways.  Fine tuning your diet can result in your achieving a new PR, having more energy throughout that dreaded “3:00 slump” portion of your day, being able to focus on school work or office tasks better, improving your mood, increasing your lean body mass, and for some, possibly even going so far as to improve existing health conditions!

The moral of my little story is that diet shouldn’t be a dirty word.  It should mean choosing to follow a responsible eating pattern for optimal fitness and overall health!

Today’s Workout

Buy in: Turkish Get Ups – 6 per arm

– Have fun and play with different styles/ weights (eg. use a Kettlebell or Barbell rather than a Dumbbell, move up in weight over sets, etc.)

WOD: “T-Rex” For time:

Run 800m
3 Rounds

  • 15 Burpees
  • 10 Power Cleans 95/135

Zone 4 -scale cleans to 75/115
Zone 3 -scale cleans to65/95
Zone 2 -scale cleans to45/75
Zone 1- scale as needed

Cash Out: Lateral stretch
[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ng0FozbcXD4&feature=player_embedded’]



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