Mighty Omega: Is It For You?

For those of you who have seen the Mighty Omega fish oil supplements for sale in our Office and have wondered just what the heck they are, here are some factoids to get you up to speed.  Have a look through what Mighty Omega can offer you, and see if you think this fantastic product is for you:

MightyOmega is a Next Generation omega-3 fish oil supplement ideally suited for use in acute, therapeutic and preventative health programs.  Advanced omega-3 technology, such as low temperature Supercritical Extraction (SE) and the Functional Omega Ratio (FOR), makes MightyOmega Mighty Pure and Mighty Potent.  Mighty Pure because MightyOmega contains no heat-damaged molecules, and nearly undetectable levels of heavy metals and organic pollutants.

Mighty Potent because MightyOmega delivers research-level results from the Functional Omega Ratio (6.5:1 ratio of EPA:DHA).

Mighty Pure

No Heat Damage

Heating damages the delicate EPA and DHA molecules in fish oil. That’s why MightyOmega uses the Supercritical Extraction (SE) process–a low temperature extraction process free of
harsh solvents.

Sustainable and Solvent-Free
Unlike conventional fish oils made using the molecular distillation process, MightyOmega’s SE  Process uses eco-friendly and sustainable carbon dioxide (CO2) to gently extract and concentrate EPA and DHA molecules from fish oil–without heating the oil to frying temperature or using
harsh solvents.

Pure and Safe
The SE process also does an effective job of purifying fish oil. This makes MightyOmega pure and safe for high dose or extended dose applications.

Rigorously Tested
Every batch of MightyOmega is rigorously tested for environmental contaminants such as heavy metals, dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s). As a result, every batch of MightyOmega exceeds internationally recognized standards for purity established by both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Council For Responsible Nutrition (CRN).

Mighty Potent

Knock out Inflammation
Published omega-3 research shows that EPA to DHA ratios greater than 3:1 knock out inflammation faster than EPA to DHA ratios less than 3:1.

No More Muscle Soreness
The Functional Omega Ratio (6.5:1 EPA to DHA) noticeably reduces Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) in high-performance athletes.

We know some of you Zoners have been using the Mighty Omega product for some time now, and we’re also wanting to check-in with you and see what you think!  Have you noticed any differences in your body since you began taking these fish oil supplements?  What about the comparative quality of this product compared to others you may have tried?  If anyone wants to give it a go and see for yourself, you can buy a bottle in the Office!

We are putting in an order on Monday, so if you are wanting some and want to make sure we have enough for you, please contact admin@crossfitzone.ca

Reminder: Our Thursday 12:15pm class is a Level 1 class.  For more info on the Level 1 class, check our previous post: https://crossfitzonex.com/new-level-1-classes

Today’s Workout

Buy in: Shoulder press 5×5, working up in weight over sets

WOD: “Row Row Row Your Boat”

6 X 500 meter row, with 1 min rest in-between

*Your total rowing time is your score

Zone 4 – 4 x 500 meter row
Zone 3 – 6 x 250 meter row
Zone 2 – 4 x 250 meter row

For large classes, there is a team option: one partner rows 500 meters (or 250 meters, depending on scaling), then they switch. Each person has to complete 6 full sets (or 4, again depending on the scaling option picked)

Cash out: Lacrosse ball your hamstrings, quads, glutes and calves….you’re gonna need it!


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