Getting Fired Up!

With the Winter Challenge coming fast, Zoner’s are starting to taper their workouts, watch their nutrition, keep hydrated and stay mobile.  All the athletes have been training very hard for the competition.  We would love to have as many spectators as possible out for the event.  We don’t know the exact details of the schedule yet, as soon as we know them, we will post it on the website.

Check out the video that Donald put together of Winter Challenge 2009

CF Taranis has posted some information about the event on their blog.  Check out the details in regards to parking, bathrooms, spectators etc.

Here is a  link of a map to find CF Taranis

To get everyone fired up here is a video that Tubbs McGee (AKA Ryan Clarke) put together of all the Zone Games footage.  Enjoy!!!

Absolutely amazing!  Thanks Tubbs!!!!

For Competitors (and super keen supporters), we’ll be hosting a short chat/strategy meeting this Friday at 630pm at the Zone.  It will be a good place to share motivational info and tips for maximizing performance in the wods over the weekend.  From the zone we’ll be driving over to pick up our registration packages.

Today’s Workout

Buy-in:  Get warm before class!

Winter Challenge Competitors:  hit some moderately heavy weights in this workout but keep everything smooth and perfect in terms of technique.  Focus on accuracy and full range of motion in the AMRAP.

WOD:  Mishmash

This WOD has three parts, combine all three to get your overall score!

Part 1:  Overhead Squat 4 x 3 – building up to a heavy triple.  If new to this movement, work with a light resistance and do 3 x 10.  10 minute time limit!

Part 2:  Deadlift 4 x 8 – building up to a no-drop, smooth heavy 8 reps.  10 minute time limit!

Part 3:  8 min AMRAP of:

  • 6 pushups (hand release at the bottom)
  • 10 toes to bar 
  • 14 box jumps (20/24)
  • 18 kettlebell swings (30/55)

Zone 3 – substitute knees to elbows and scale kettlebells as needed

Zone 2 – scale box jump height, pushups from knees

Zone 1 – scale workout as needed

Add up your best weight for 3 in the overhead squat to your 8 rep deadlift and your rep total in the AMRAP for your overall score.

Cash-Out:  Coaches’ choice mobility


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