Help, Anyone?

We already know you all MUST be excited about the upcoming Zone Games 5.  So it would stand to reason that you’re also all dying to help us out behind the scenes!

Big events like this take a lot of work to keep them running smoothly, and this is where you come in…

We need some volunteers for the Zone Games to help with things like judging, setting up, organizing, BBQ’ing, etc.  If you want to help, email Deanna at

And for those of you who can’t volunteer because you intend to compete, this is a reminder that the Zone Games registration is open! We currently have 15 people registered.  Get your registration in (including $) by Wednesday September 14th or you will be out of luck! 

Thanks in advance for all that you Zoners do to help make our Zone Games events successful. 🙂

 Today’s Workout

Buy-in:  Snatch Tech – Hang Squat Snatch:  6×2

  • from high hang (pockets) 
  • work up in weight over your sets
  • focus on full extension of hips but still rapid descent into snatch catch position

WOD:  Looks like Treble

You guessed it – three parts to this brand new wod.  Add all your reps up at the end for your total score

WOD 1 – Franata

4 alternating Tabata intervals each of thrusters (65/95) and pullups

  • (20s max reps thrusters, 10s rest, 20s max reps pullups, 10s rest) x 4
  • Total reps count!

Zone 3 – scale thrusters to 55/75

Zone 2 – scale thrusters to 45/65, scale to assisted pullups

Zone 1 – scale wod as needed

*** 6 min break ***

WOD 2 – 2min Max reps step down box jumps (20/24)

Zone 2 – scale box height to 12/20

*** 6 min break ***

WOD 3 – 3 min amrap of 10 double unders and 10 situps

Zone 2 – scale to assisted pushups

Zone 1 – scale as needed

Add all reps from all WODs for your score!

Cash-Out:  Easy roll and lacrosse ball work


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