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For all you Paleo lovers out there, I thought it might be helpful to make a post with a handy reference for converting Non-Paleo recipes into Paleo ones, as well as an itemized Paleo Grocery List.  It can be quite the struggle at times trying to find things you can eat, so why not have a reference?

Suggestions for Adapting Recipes:


Milk – nut milk, coconut milk
Butter – olive oil, bacon grease, coconut oil
Yogurt – coconut milk
Sour cream – chilled coconut milk combined with a few drops of lemon juice
Whip cream – chilled coconut milk flavored with a bit of honey or orange zest

Vinegar – small amounts can be substituted with lemon or lime juice. As a general rule, tomato recipes such as salsa would use lime juice, fruit recipes would use lemon juice.
Cider vinegar – apple juice

Alcohol – sometimes very hard to adapt. In some cases the alcohol can simply be deleted altogether. Or depending on the recipe, substituted with chicken or beef broth.. Juice would also be an alternative, grape, orange or apple. In some cases a combination of both broth and juice.
Substitute 2 tablespoons of flour or 1 tablespoon cornstarch for 1 tablespoon of arrowroot to use as a thickening agent
White sugar – using half the amount called for, substitute honey
Brown sugar – using half the amount called for, substitute maple syrup
Molasses – honey or maple syrup

If you were on a trip to to the Grocery Store to stock a Paleo kitchen you could buy:

Refrigerated Departments:
Fresh meat (without nitrates)
Fish and shellfish
Orange and some other juices (100% juice only) [not really paleo]

Store Interior:
Coconut milk (try for Thai Kitchen – no preservatives)
Thai curry paste
Water chestnuts in water
Olive oil, preferably first cold press
Starkist “Low Sodium – Low Fat” tuna, or tuna in olive oil
Other canned fish in olive oil or water, preferably no salt added
Tomato paste/sauce (must not have flavorings or natural flavors, nor salt)
Unsweetened applesauce (“natural”)
Green tea (or loose at the HFS)
Bottled spring water

Some Grocery Stores/Health Food Store:
Nuts (raw, but not cashews or peanuts)
Nut butters
Dried fruit (raisins, apricots, cherries, dates, etc.)
Organic fruit and vegetables
Unsweetened coconut flakes
Coconut oil (also found in Indian markets)
Honey (optional, raw unfiltered only)
Nut flours (almond, pecan, and chestnut)

Happy cooking!

Today’s Workout:

Buy In3 rounds of: 10 shoulder dislocates, 10 up and over box jumps, 10 double crunch

WOD – ” Snatch skills”

1. 3 Position Squat Snatch: high hang, mid thigh, floor: work up in weight with 3 x 3 reps (1 rep in each position = 3 reps)
2.  Snatch Pulls: work up in weight with 3 x 3 reps (approximately 90% of 1 RM)
3.  Snatch Push Press: work up to a moderate weight  3 x 3 reps (approximately 65% of 1 RM)

*** All %’s are based off of your squat snatch 1 rep max ***

Zone 1: if you are new to the snatch, work on one or two of the skill transfer exercises with a coach

No workout is posted today in My Fran Time.  You can record your max snatch or snatch push press weight.

Cash Out – 3 attempts of max double unders


#208-721 Vanalman Avenue… but the entrance is off of commercial drive

Start time: 7:00pm-8:30pm

I would recommend showing up early and getting ready so we can maximize our time

To clarify the payment, The Drop in fee for the Gymnastic Club is 8$. The 15$ registration fee will be waived. I will not be charging my fee of 10$ per person, I’m going to be teaching the class for free ;-). It’s a one time deal.

I will be teaching tumbling and trampoline basics and using all the the progression skills we have learned during the zone gymnastics  program and taking it to a gymnastics floor!!

I’m excited for this! See you guys tomorrow night.


Here is a map on Mapquest to help those who need directions.


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