Learning the Cartwheel – Part 1

CrossFit Victoria BC - Coach Bones handstand in CaliBones doing a handstand in Cali
CrossFit Victoria BC - Angry Kitten doing a handstand in CaliAngry Kitten doing a handstand in Cali

The Cartwheel is part of the Gymnastics elements of CrossFit. It is a great skill to learn not just because it is super fun and brings you back to your childhood!  The cartwheel develops kinesthetic awareness and flexibility, as well as strength and stability in the hand support.

The first drill in learning a Cartwheel teaches the basic movement in both directions, preventing the common mistakes of a beginner.

  1. Place a folded panel mat or other stable object in the tumbling area.
  2. Stand in a straddle/lunge  at the end of the mat
  3. Place both hands on the mat.
  4. Pushing off with the leading leg, jump from one foot to the other, keeping your weight on your hands.
  5. As you feel more comfortable, kick the jump higher and pass through a straddled handstand.
  6. Shoulders remain open and keep your head in a neutral postition.
  7. Push yourself away from the floor
  8. Land in a straddle/lunge

Watch this video on the first progression with Roger Harrell

Today’s Workout:

“Buy in” –  Overhead Squat 3-3-3


Double under ladder

With a continuously running clock do:

  • 1 Double under

On the first minute.  Then:

  • 2 Double unders

On the second minute, etc.  Continue adding reps until you can’t complete the reps in the minute.  

“Cash Out” – Practice handstands, try to accumulate 3 minutes total


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