Lucas Parker shirt!

Did you hear the news???  Your Coach Lucas “Scoots, Teen Wolf” Parker has his own T-shirt!

The Lucas Parker Shirt is Printed on a 50/50 American Apparel Blank
Check out his post from Facebook:
“Hey friends! here’s some BIG NEWS – I’m on a t-shirt! Huge thanks to my sponsor Rogue Fitness for setting it up. Pro tip: if you buy 10, you can sew them together into a blanket and wrap yourself in beardy goodness!
I have heard talk around the gym about members wanting to do a group order.  If this is something that you are interested in, please post to the comments “yes”  and your size.
Today’s Workout:
Buy In – 6 rounds of 75m row
* Focusing on quick bursts of speed to get the fly wheel going and then settle into a relaxed pace
WOD – “6 Minutes of Fame”
Compare to July 07, 2011
On a 6 min on the clock, run through the couplet below as many times as possible:Chest to bar pullups
Squat cleans (115/155)

*Reps increase by 3 every time through the couplet, starting at 3 reps each 3/3, 6/6, 9/9, 12/12 and so on

Games prep – upgrade to bar muscle ups
Zone 5 – scale bar weight to 95/135
Zone 4 – scale bar weight to 75/115
Zone 3 – scale bar weight to 65/95, strict pullups
Zone 2 – scale bar weight as needed, assisted strict pullups
Zone 1 – scale as needed


Cash Out – 5 way shoulder stretch, roll out shoulders with a lacrosse ball as needed


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