Merry Christmas

Wishing all you Zoners a very  Merry Christmas!  Hit up this wod so you don’t feel as bad for eating and drinking too much tomorrow 😉

This workout will be a tough one….  The weights are meant to be heavy on the dumbbells and the kettlebell.  Please use a lighter weight on the DB thruster if you have limited shoulder mobility to prevent injury.  Remember to keep your core tight and not arch the back as you are thrusting the weight over head. On the toes to bar, focus on shoulder retraction and controlling the movement with the shoulder and minimizing your kip. The KB swing is a full amercian swing, so that is overhead if you are proficient with the movement. The reps are lower, so the goal is to go unbroken as much as possible, aiming to complete the workout under 15 minutes.


Downtown – Open gym from 9:30am – 12:30pm

Westshore – 9:30am ONLY

* All other classes cancelled, sorry for any inconvenience.  Please keep your eyes open on this post (comments section) and facebook if any coaches are doing an open gym at other times.



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