Personal Benchmarks

Here at CrossFit Zone, we record everything that we do. If you don’t record it, it never happened. How are you supposed to improve if you don’t write down where you start from?  It is important to record all your workouts, all your personal benchmarks (ie- max pushups, 1 rep max snatch, 500 metre row) and everything that you put in your mouth.

When you record it is so much more gratifying for you and the whole CrossFit community when you reach a new benchmark. It also is easier to pin point why we may not be getting the results that we want and why others are climbing the ladder or “leaderboard” faster than you.

So if you have not started recording, you need to start today. Feel free to send me your food journal to review 🙂

Today’s class will be a different format, this is a class for you to work on what you want to and test some personal benchmarks. You will pick a few exercises from your Success Journal and get your baseline weight/reps/time or a new PR (aka – personal record). Make sure that you are not just picking your favourite lifts, pick a lift that maybe you are not as good at and really need to improve on.

Good Luck!

Check out this video that was recorded in January of a new benchmark for me!

Today’s Workout:

Personal Benchmark Workout


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