Registrations are rolling in!

Teej competing in the last Challenge

Cindy Challenge is on Saturday, July 7th. Have you registered yet?  Please bring in your $30 cash to register.  We will be running the challenge during the 9am and 10am class on the 7th.  We need to put together a heat schedule for the day, so please get your registration in by Wednesday, July 4th or let me know if you are taking part.

Is there a regular class running on Saturday? No, but you are welcome to complete the Cindy Workout

Can I work out if I am not competing in the Challenge? Yes, you are welcome to do the Cindy workout.  Please make sure to check online to see what time the heats are running and you can hop in on the workout at that time (with no judge).

I want to compete in the Cindy Challenge, but I cannot make it on Saturday. Please book a time with a coach to do the workout, you may be asked to bring your own judge depending on the time.

Each athlete competing in the Cindy Challenge will have a judge to score their rounds.  It would be greatly appreciated if you can stick around to judge someone before or after your heat. You will have enough time to warmup before your heat.

Just a reminder that there is only the 9:30am class today!  Please check the website throughout the day to see if any coaches are doing an open gym.

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Coach led dynamic warmup

WOD – “Team Lactic Legs”

4 rounds of:
400M Run
50 Air squats

GP – Do this wod solo or double the squats with a partner if you are used to the high volume reps
Zone 2 – scale to 2-3 rounds
Zone 1 – scale as needed

* Partners both run together, when both partners make their way back into the gym, they split up the squats as needed

Cash Out – 100’s!  Then a group stretch



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