One of the Items brought up at the Town hall meeting last Friday was The feeling community in our gym. We pride ourselves on the support our members show towards one another during a class. This support helps to separate our gym from others in that it is a space where we all can exist and grow as individuals and athletes.

Lately some members have felt that we are lacking in this support. Here is an article from google plus feed that resonates the importance of of the people around you along your journey.


It goes farther than just impeccable form on your lifts.

It means more than hitting the range of motion on every single rep – no matter how exhausted or wobbly you are.

Virtuosity is more than just skillful #ability.

It is also character. It is how you treat your fellow classmates before, during and after a WOD.

It is how you cheer each other on, how you choose to be competitive.

Do you build others up when you compete with them, or do you tear them down?

Is it more about you winning than it is about you improving? Is the score on the board (and where it ranks) more important than how you got it? More important than what your form or ROM was like?

Is it more about who gets their pullups first? Who “deserves” their pullups the most? Or is it a shared celebration each time one of you graduates into the pullup club?

We are all successful because of the community. A community partly built on our shared blood, sweat, tears, ripped blisters and sore muscles, but a community founded on our character.

But communities are fragile, they are little ecosystems easily destroyed by a few actions, a few words, a few moments.

CrossFit isn’t just about stopping the clock the fastest, lifting the heaviest weight, or doing the WOD Rx’d.

It is each and every one of our jobs to help each other improve, be it the firebreather next to you or the person taking their first steps off the couch.

Are you doing your job?

Take some time and reflect on the words of this post. Post to the comments your thoughts, stories, or suggestions that may help bring us closer together.

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