What is your “GOAT?”

CrossFit Victoria BC - working on your GoatAre Double unders your Goat?

A “Goat” is an exercise or movement you suck at, hate, or both. The “Goat” concept was introduced by San Francisco CrossFit. The Goat can be anything from an exercise, workout or even stretching! Which I know all of you are so good at doing 🙂  The Goat was introduced to help you become aware of the things that you are not good at/hate and that we should work harder at the things instead of always trying to improve on what we’re already good at. It is human nature to shy away from things that we are not good at, thus increasing the line between what we are good/not good at. It is important to spend some time during your warm-up or cool-down to improve some of your “goats.” Doing this will make a HUGE difference in how fast you progress!

It is time to go head first into those exercises that we really hope never show up for a WOD and cringe when we see them!

CrossFit teaches us a lot about ourselves and also gives a whole new attitude and approach on life.  Imagine if you were to transfer the “Goat” concept into your daily life? Try to start doing things daily that you hate or are afraid of, you will really grow from this!
Post three of your biggest “goats” to comments.

Today’s Workout:


  • Hoover Ball

“Buy in”

  • 25 Cartwheels



  • Back Squat
  • Push Press

“Cash out”

  • Practice 1 of your Goats


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