Whole Life Challenge Finals


So this is it. The challenge is complete. So begins the first step back into “real life.” Though the rules and accountability have ended, you’ve learned enough about yourself during these last eight weeks to make your own rules now. You faced your obstacles head on. You learned what breaks you down and most importantly, you know that you can handle it. Even if you haven’t changed every habit just quite yet, you have a much greater awareness now of your health as a whole. That is invaluable.

Now comes your time. One of the most important lessons you’ve learned is that you are fully capable of achieving whatever you want for your health. This challenge was only a jumping off point, a booster. It is designed to reinforce what’s important to you and give you the tools to go after it. None of this ends here, at the end of the challenge. In fact, the end is just the beginning of what is possible.

The habits you have learned are skills, to be practiced like anything else, so they can be maintained and improved. Stay mindful; mindfulness when it comes to eating and being active. Not only in the gym, but in life. Now go celebrate what you’ve accomplished. You are amazing.

Farewell, and welcome to endless possibility.

~ Whole Life Challenge post


Whole Life Challenge Finals and potluck are today! Come on down and see how you improved 🙂

11:00am – measurements

11:30am – warmup

11:45pm – workout

12:00pm – stretch and enter results

12:30pm – Awards and Potluck!


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