Technique Week – Gymnastics

Bones being supported in a handstand – old school photo

Time to play around with some movements that everyone loves…. Gymnastics!  Just like all the lifts, gymnastics requires lots of core strength too.


There are so many gymnastics movements, so it will be up to the specific coach and class to decide what they will be working on.   We can work on:

  • handstand holds, handstand pushups and progressions
  • pistols
  • cartwheels
  • Muscle ups – rings and bars
  • Ring dips, pushups, and other fun stuff!
  • Kipping pullups, butterfly pullups
  • Toes to bar
  • skin the cat
  • L-sit, straddle holds

We will be using the full hour working on gymnastics skills and will not need to do a wod.  You will have a chance to work through lots of repetitions.

We have many previous posts on gymnastics,   so read any that peek your interest! (check out the old school video in it)


Have fun and please post to the comments section what you learnt today and how it will help you in your future workouts.


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